Once a Portuguese colony, Mozambique achieved independence in 1975 following a 12 year struggle by FRELIMO (and a military coup). Under the Marxist, single-party FRELIMO government, Mozambique was embroiled in a 16 year civil war with the opposition party RENAMO, who were originally sponsored by the white Rhodesian government and then the South African apartheid government. A peace deal was signed between the two parties in 1992, and multi-party elections held in 1994.Image

Southern Africa

Southern Africa:

Southern Africa has a wide diversity of ecoregions including grassland, bushveld, karoo, savannah and riparian zones. Even though considerable disturbance has occurred in some regions from habitat loss due to human overpopulation or export-focused development, there remain significant numbers of various wildlife species, including White Rhino,lion, leopard, impala, kudu, blue Wildebeest, Vervet monkey and elephant. It has complex Plateaus that create massive mountain structures along the South African border.

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