Texting while driving?

Normally we will not write something like this on our pages!

But, we think it’s time to make people realize how dangerous in what, how and who you might involved during texting.

Hi, my name is Wynand Meyer from South-Africa and I’m a tourist guide and tour operator in Southern Africa.

I have witnessed people texting while driving and spoken to people while I’m with them in their vehicles, some will show you the finger, others will tell you to mind your own business then those who is very aggressive and swears at you! What? You think that you are better driver than me? NO! You’re just a common little stupid person who can’t think further than his/hers nose.

Then something serious and sad things happen in their lives while doing the texting thing. YES, it’s too late to cry, yell and blame everyone or everything, you made that choice to look, peak or text back!

Now all that said, have a look at this video clip? Again your choice!